Cooperation model

Our aim was originally to develop a model for educating a chosen target group (here: museum workers) on agrobiodiversity and heritage plants.
We started holding national meetings between seed savers and museum workers to understand each others’ resources and needs. After this we all gathered for the first workshop, which was online.

Already at this time it was obvious that both groups had many resources, knowledge, networks etc. to invest in the educational work, which would be better described as a cooperation field.
At the second workshop we developed resources and cooperation field and began shaping the model, also adding obstacles and needs to the common field.

Basically the model is about understanding and respecting each others resources - and include them creatively into the shared cooperation field. We filled up the field with examples of what we could do together to inspire others walking down this path, taking care also to look at possible obstacles and special needs.
So many interesting things can be done to improve agrobiodiversity when seed savers and museum workers join their forces.


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